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In 1817, in his “Italian Journey”, J. W.Goethe wrote «Without Sicily, Italy does not leave any image to the soul. The key to everything lies in Sicily». Indeed Sicily offers interesting travel experiences through all twelve months of the year. The island is not a great choice with regard to sea vacations only, as its historic and cultural heritage is so immense that a trip, even during the colder months, may give an incredible experience. Among all beautiful Italian regions, Sicily is probably the most diverse with regard to tourist proposition, as it allows you to arrange a vacation at the sea, in the mountains, with the sun or snow, and also into villages, surrounded by history, culture, traditions, folkore and delicious food that make Sicily an unparalleled land in the world.  

A summer trip to Sicily is a journey to discover a transparent, clear sea, an itinerary through wildlife paths and landscape beauties, among several itineraries of art, where you will rediscover the archaeological wonders that belong to a distant past. A stay in Sicily is also a journey to discover its history, traditions, and gastronomy. Among the most renowned destinations for a Sicilian trip, in addition to the gorgeous sea places, there are the important cities of the island, like Palermo, Catania, Agrigento and Syracuse, immensely rich from a cultural, historic and architectural point of view.

The Sicily island is not about sea only, it is also chosen as a destination for a tour of discovery to its archaeological sites and cities of art. A valid help to best arrange your trip to Sicily is therefore offered by the portal VivaSicilia, which is a large showcase for those who wish to receive informations, discover regional beauties, celebrations, typical products and traditional recipes. The VivaSicilia portal also gives you the tools to make an advanced search for hotels, B&Bs, and all different types of accomodations available in the Sicilian region, helping you to organise your trip to Sicily.

On the VivaSicilia portal you will find several opportunities for overnight stays in Sicily, for accomodations of different types and price ranges, placed all over the region. In order to make the search easier, on the main pages regarding beaches, places, celebrations and festivals in Sicily, you will find specific banners that redirect to a booking portal and include accomodation facilities for the selected area, along with the latest prices and offers. To those who will book a stay in a hotel, B&B, holiday home, through the VivaSicilia portal, our staff will send a personalized guide that might be of help and inspiration for the planning of your vacation in the marvelous island. Starting from the place chosen upon booking, we will point out the places to visit in the selected area, the major monuments, wildlife itineraries, festivals, restaurants and typical products to purchase in the places of your choice for your vacation in Sicily.

But we don’t want to stop here. In case we should have a bodily guide available on site, we will point them out to you, putting you in contact with them. This way you’ll have the opportunity to know the region with the eyes of a local person, discovering the most unusual and hidden aspects, through rare itineraries. Those who travel become the actual protagonists. We propose to you a new way to think about tourism and live your vacation, discovering typical products, diving into customs and traditions of local people, experiencing their everyday life, thus turning a simple stay into a truly unique time.

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